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As sleep issues become more and more prevalent in the modern world, we want to make sure those of us who deal with people with sleep problems are suitably trained.

What we can do

We feel that bringing together some of the greatest minds in sleep is the best way to ensure the training we provide is of the highest quality.


Within the retail market, having  the expertise and knowledge to ask the right questions, to help the consumer make the right decision is a rare commodity. We want to give retailers the skills to be able to do this.

& Wellbeing Professionals

If sleep has an impact on the patients or clients you work with our training will build on the knowledge you have to give those you work with the very best sleep help available. 

We can help retailers develop a bespoke training package for their staff that can incorporate:

-Extensive sleep knowledge to help sales professionals understand how your sleep products help your customers sleep better

-An understanding of sleep that allows your staff to become "Sleep Geeks"

-Understanding of the different types of sleep products sold and how they help the customer sleep better

We work with organisations and individuals and can offer:

-An intoduction to sleep. For those who need a better understanding of sleep in their professional roles. 

-Sleep practitioner training

-Sleep for sports coaches

-Sleep fpr coaches involved in youth sport

-Sleep for personal trainers

-Sleep for nutritional experts

-Bespoke sleep training for your organisation