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Sleep Manifesto

Part of our mission is to improve the way society deals with sleep issues. With this in mind we give a percentage of our profits to our Charitable Foundation, the Sleep Manifesto.

What we can do

The Sleep Maifesto wants to change the way we address sleep issues in the Healthcare System, in Education, In Employment, In Product Development and the way we as individuals addfress our sleep issues. It will do this by funding projects that look to impact on these issues.


Sleep is one of the fundamentals that we need to live. Despite this sleep services within our healthcare system are inconsistant and hard to access. We have some great sleep services in the UK,but we need more of them and a clear pathway to treatment.


Much of our education system is based on Victorian ideas and that we need to develop a school (and college and university) day that acknowledges that a teenager’s sleep is different to ours. 


The working day often impacts on our sleep and doesn't work with our sleep type. To develop more productive and healthier workplaces we want to support organisations to help their employees sleep better.


We wish to encourage manufacturers and suppliers of sleep products to recognise they are developing health products and for them to provide proven benefits to end consumers.


We want to support individuals to understnad their sleep better and to help them get better quality sleep. We need to take responsibility for our own sleep and we want to help people do just that!

Within our Sleep Manifesto we believe we need:

-Recognition of sleep's importance to our overall physical & mental wellbeing

-A cradle to grave provision including information for parents pre-birth

-Better training for healthcare professionals particularly in CBT-I (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia)

-A clear pathway within the NHS that provides treatment for both behavioural and medical sleep issues

As part of our Sleep Manifesto we believe we need to do the following to support our children to sleep better:

-Appropriate start time to the school day

-Learning mentors within schools trained to support pupils with their sleep

-Recognition of the impact a lack of sleep has on our children's physical and emotional development

-Sleep included in the curriculum to help our children understand the importance of sleep and to understand their own sleep

Our Sleep Manifesto wants to help employers to support their staff's wellbeing through improving their sleep. We feel this can be done by:

-A flexible approach to working hours that considers an employee’s sleep type

-To provide sleep support as part of an organisation's wellbeing programme

-To consider sleep type as part of the recruitment process

Within our Sleep Manifesto we believe:

-Products need to be safe and not negatively affect our health and wellbeing

-The industry needs to acknowledge that they are not just selling a product; that they are in fact selling a health solution

-That manufacturers are honest about their claims and that they are proven


A part of the Sleep Manifesto we believe individuals should:

-Be able to access sleep support more easily

-Take responsibility for their own sleep

-To acknowledge the importance of sleep to their health and wellbeing