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Sleep Environment

We believe that the room you sleep in and the products you sleep on and under are vitally important to the quality and quantity of our sleep. We help our clients develop the best sleep environments in the world.

What we can do

We can help you develop sleep environments for your guests, patients or clients that meet their needs and lead to restorative sleep. Whether you are looking to create an environment that helps your patients recover quicker, or guest rooms that are on budget, but give your guests the sleep they have always dreamed of, our experience means we are the perfect partner for your needs.


We can offer a full service solution where we work alongside you to develop the sleep environment for your guests, patients, clients or pupils. 


You may have your own supplier relationships, or wish to control the buying process yourself. With this in mind we can offer a consultation service where you can access the extensive knowledge of our team of sleep experts.


The perfect complement to the perfect sleep environment is well trained staff who have a deep understanding of sleep. Let us help your people really understand sleep.

Geek Certified Environments

The Sleep Geek Certified Sleep Environments' scheme wants to help organisations, where the sleep environment is integral to their offering, show their guests, patients or pupils that where they sleep is of the highest quality.

We would look at:

-The needs of your users

-Environmental factors such as light, noise and temperature

-Colour schemes in the rooms

-The products that will be used in the sleep environment

-Ensure the sleep environments are delivered on time and within budget

We will work closely with you to asses the needs of your users, the space you have and how best to create the right sleep environment for whoever is using the room

Product Training-We give your staff the knowledge to understand the products that are in the sleep environment and how they can help your visitors sleep better.

Sleep Champion-Help your staff understnad sleep better by training them as a sleep chmpion. This will give them a good level of knowledge of sleep and some easy tis and advice for your visitors to follow to ensure they get the best possible sleep

If you join up to the Sleep Geek Certified scheme we will support you in ensuring the sleep environment's in your estblishment will help your guests get the best sleep possible. For the monthly subscription fee you will:

-Be featured on The Sleep Geek website

-Recieve marketing material to support your inclusion in the scheme

-Get PR support to take advantage of joining the scheme

-Get support in developing  a product replacement timetable

-Give yourself a unique selling point that reassurees your guests that you have done everything to create the perfect sleep environment