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Proposition Development

We have a passion for working with companies to develop products that help solve real sleep issues.

From mattresses to pllows, duvets to sleep tech we have been involved in the development of many different products and our unique expertise, which bring tgether the best sleep professionals in the world, will give you the very best knowledge base on which to develop your offering.

What we can do

We can assist at every stage of the process from; advising on concepts, prototype development, clinical trials, routes to market and how to launch into the most appropriate marketplace.

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A start to finish service that helps in the development of  a new product or offering. We can offer any of these services individually or create a bespoke package based around your needs.

Market Launch

If you are looking to launch your Sleep product or service in the UK we can help.


From smartphone apps to wearables, monitoring devices to digital treatment we have experience of helping companies at the cutting edge of science and technology develop sleep solutions

Geek Certified

We hold the license to administer the Sleep Geek Certified scheme for products and services, which is a  Gold Standard seal of approval for your sleep product or service.

We can help by:

-Highlighting a sleep issue

-Product and proposition development


-How the product fits into the bedroom

-User experience


-Clinical research

-Market research

Branding and positioning

-Routes to market

-Target customers

We can offer assistance in:

-Market Research

-Route to Market

-Direct to Market Retailing

-Identify Distributors/Retailers

We are able to help with:

-App Development

-Hardware Development

-Clinical Trials

-Funding Readiness

-Kickstarter/Indigogo Campaigns

-Sales and Marketing

The Sleep Geek Certified scheme looks to help consumers know whether a sleep product will do what it claims to do. As a manufacturer or distributor, you are asked to prove:

-What problem does the product/service solve?

-How does it do it?

-Can you prove it?

A successful applicant would pay a yearly licence fee to use the Sleep Geek Certified branding.  There is a robust consumer reporting system to allow us, alongside The Sleep Geek, to monitor the claims that any product or service in the scheme makes.  

The service includes a listing on The Sleep Geek website and access to hundreds of thousands of potential customers through his work in the media and with his Sleep Well, Work Well, partner Westfield Health.

Who Is the Sleep Geek?

James Wilson is a Sleep Environment and Behaviour expert who has over two decades’ experience working with sleep products. He has a mission to help consumers get the right product or service for their sleep issue and wants to help them in their decision-making process through his certification scheme.