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Sleep is widely recognised as the number one recovery tool for sports people. We help you to get the most out of your sleep and ensure that you have the right tools to perform at your best.

What we can do

We offer a bespoke service, working with coaches, teams and individual competitors to ensure that training regimes are conducive to good quality sleep, that behaviours around sleep are right and that your sleep environment, whether at home or on the road, is designed to ensure the best sleep possible.

& Support Staff

We can build on your coaching and support staff's existing knowledge, giving them the expertise to be able to support the sleep of sports people.

Seminars & Sleep Clinics

The best way to disseminate information is a combination of seminars and clinics. Seminars ensure everyone understands their sleep better while clinics can deal with specific issues.


We can give you access to some of the leading Teen Sleep experts in the country. We can help you ensure your young athletes are getting the most out of their sleep and assist them to recover better.

We can help by:

-Assisting with training schedules to ensure it allows the right quantity and quality of sleep

-Training, to give those working with sports people the relevant sleep knowledge for their roles

What we offer:

-Helping you develop a training regime that considers the difference in a teenager's sleep cycle

-Sleep seminars will help your young sports people understand their sleep better

-Sleep clinics can deal with specific sleep issues and help your young stars make the changes they need to their sleep behaviours and environments.