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Recent research has shown that poor sleep costs the UK economy £40bn a year (Source Rand Europe). Helping people within your organisation to sleep better will improve the overall health and wellbeing of your company. 

We want to help companies reduce absenteeism, presenteeism and improve their staff's performance.

What we can do

We've worked in collaboration with The Sleep Geek, James Wilson and Westfield Health to create Sleep Well, Work Well.

Well, Work Well

Sleep Well, Work Well has been developed to offer easily accessible information that will help staff sleep better and enhance performance. For more information on our offering please click here

Sleep Well, Work Well includes:

-Sleep Seminars. An accessible and interesting seminar that will help your colleagues understand why we sleep and most importantly understand their sleep better. There is also lots of advice on changing our thoughts and behaviours around sleep, how to create the right bedtime routine and the importance of picking the right products to good quality sleep. We do a general version of this talk, plus versions around kids sleep, sleep for sales staff, sleep for shift workers and sessions with a focus on sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnoea, restless leg syndrome or night terrors

-Sleep Clinic. One to one support for those, or their children, suffering from more ingrained sleep issues such as struggling to get to sleep, waking up in the night, insomnia, sleep apnoea, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome or parasomnias

-Bespoke Support. We are able to cereate a bespoke support programme for the particular needs of your organisation

-Training. We are able to offer training to health professionals within your organisation to allow you to be able to deliver support services internally